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Goverment School Adoptation  
In one of our meeting, we brainstormed that the government is already spending a huge amount on the existing infrastructure, space, teachers etc. If we can somehow ensure that these schools function well, it would align very well with our objective.
List of 432 schools in Kanpur district was obtained
On surveying the schools it was found that the standard of education was dismally low, student attendance was barely 10-20 % of capacity in most schools and the teachers were always absent from duty, only the assistant shikshamitras were teaching.
Most schools had 2-15 rooms with adequate space and a building and play ground. This seemed to be ideal for us to work on improvement.
We have adopted 15 government schools so far. Our vision is to bring The level of education up to somewhere near convent schools. We have done the following :
1. Appointed our own teachers to teach with more enthusiasm.
2. Daily or alternate day monitoring by our principal Co- Ordinations.
3. Noting status of each student on a history card which records monthly progress.
4. Conducting parent’s teacher meeting, conducting teachers training.
5. Providing all round development of our students by introducing music and sports in their curriculum.
6. Improving infrastructure and facilities in these schools.
7. Improving infrastructure and facilities in these schools such as providing Table-Bechens, Swings, Summersable Pumps, indoor and out door Sports good etc.
Prerna governmt schools the bigger picture…
To adopt as many schools as possible out of the 420 schools in Kanpur.
We will develop a bank of volunteers who want to give back to society and conduct their meetings and training at regular interval.
Emphasis will be to streamline government budget spending in right direction, to bring teachers back to work, and also work ourselves in co-ordination with them, and provide a healthy atmosphere for these schools to become what they are meant for.
Prerna will also spend where required but mostly on co-ordination, teaching, training, problem solving, liasioning with government, organizing joint programmes like painting contest, talent contest etc.
For things like uniforms, tables and benches for students etc prerna has approached industry, clubs, social organizations, and resident welfare associations etc besides trying to get government to take care of the same. We have got donations in the form of tables and benches for our schools from Kanpur Jaycees and an NGO rakshak so far.
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