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  Prerana officials visit and submit a report to the Prerana President about the premises, condition of infrastructure ( includes condition of building, no. of class, space available etc.), availability of teaching staff ( Teachers, shikshamitra etc. )  and no. of staff and potential and need in the near by areas for getting admissions in the school.

Actually we adopt the schools unconditionally from our end and accept it in as is and where is situation. We collect basic data about the infrastructure available, teaching staff, students, level of abilities of students etc. Actually we are trying to help and motivate the already available system of primary education and to improve the level of abilities and awareness of our teachers and students of the schools.

In our opinion heads to study and teaching are the basic need for a school. So we start our working by exploring the nearby locations for the  minimum number of students in the school with the support of the school teachers. We also concentrate on the number of teachers required for teaching these students. Then we set our priorities on the basis of basic essential infrastructural needs as much as we can provide ( drinking water, books and stationeries, furniture, dress etc. ). This helps us to let the feel students a conducive environment for education around them. Then we put special efforts to improve the education level of the students by testing, classifying and supporting them as per their needs and prior educational levels.

Salaries of staff, recurring expenses on stationary items and other essential administrative expenses are the major and essential factors which needs funds to work. Some money is also required for infrastructural improvements in schools ( one time ) for supporting the basic conditions.

Till now Prerana is not taking any money or fund from any of the government resources. The Directors and some of the willing persons contribute for this purpose. We also welcome donations from the interested contributors for this noble cause. All the donations to the organization are exempted from Income Tax.

For best of the administrative control over the activities we have our administrative centers of working like our principals and co-ordinators at schools, who reports to our directors and president regularly through daily mails and in person and keep records of their activities which allow us to have better control over the activities.

We have motivated all the teachers through interaction, guidance, team work and through positive competition to perform well in their duties and to do their best to get better results from their students. We conduct tests independently based on overall knowledge and sarvshisha syllabus and award the best performing teachers. We also give material and financial rewards and increase status and salary of the teachers who perform extraordinary and set targets for themselves and for others.

In our Directors meetings we analyze the performance each school wise and key person wise for the period under consideration and give target for the coming period. We discuss and sort out the essential needs and work on our resources to fulfill the same. Our directors also pay visits to the schools as and when possible and involve themselves in getting quantitative and qualitative evaluation in their presence too. As a result we have not only seen a sharp improvement in admission and attendance of students, involvement of parents in the process but also observed the higher motivation and effort levels with the teachers which resulted into improvement in the quantity and quality of the education in our primary schools.

We are trying to develop an independent system which can be adopted and replicated by others at the lowest cost and a simple control system.  If a person or a group of person just contribute by way of some financial support and with some time and skills upto the limit they can do it this good work can easily be replicated. We Prerana always welcome such people and ready to support and contribute with them to achieve our mission with the help of the like minded people.


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