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1 ) Large school campuses with playing fields.
2 ) Generally sufficient rooms to accommodate 100- 500 children.
3 ) Mid day meal.
4 ) School dresses for girls.
5 ) Scholarship Rs. 300 per child per annum.
6 ) Free of cost books.
7 ) Yearly rembusement Rs. 5000 for maintainance and rs 5000 for painting.
8 ) Other expenses such as building development etc on demand.
9 ) Rs 500 per teacher cash for teachers and shikshamitra for material purchase.

1 )CRCRs 25000 per month
2 )Principal : Rs 23000 per month.
3 ) Teachers Rs 16000-22500/- per month.
4 ) Shikshamitra Rs 3500/- per month.
1 ) Indifference towards teaching : most of these children don’t even know how to read or write properly and nowhere compare to the children from good private schools. They also lack in basic life living skills due to being ignored at home and no proper training in schools. with these chidren comprising an important part of our young future generation we cannot expect our country to progress to its old fame and glory that we all want.
2 )Poor maintainace of school premises.
3 ) Indifference towards schools by parents, local residents .

Many social organizations do good work by donating towards infrastructure and study materials / gifts, but what is really needed is partnering the management system with the government. There is lack of motivation and lack of manpower both.

Prerna works on PPP model ( adopting the school ) and contributing to its systematic management . Since our directors are industrialists, highly qualified professionals and educationists, we use our management experience to solve problems and create a positive synergistic environment in the schools, conducive to all round development of our children.

1 )Recruitment of Prerna teachers through a written test covering all subjects and requiring min 60 % performance.
2 )Our teachers accompanied by management executives visit the homes of children to encourage new admissions and regular attendance.
3 )History Cards are maintained for each student coverint his skills and progress.
4 )Teachers written test ( competition ) is organized every month and best performer is applauded and rewarded to create positive and healthy competition.
5 )Children are trained to attend class in a disciplined way.
6 )monthly tests are organized and teachers performance is reviewed on its basis.
7 )weaker students are made to sit separately for more attention and extra classes are held for their improvement.
8 )Parents teachers meetings are organized and documented to involve parents.
9 )Liasion is maintained with BSA office and education department to ensure action on cleanliness, water availability , mid day meal quality etc
10 )Effort is made to motivate government teachers to teach sincerely , because ultimately we have to get the work out of them for getting larger benefit.
11 ) Educational video shows are organized to make children feel happy.
12 ) Games, yoga, music and arts classes are held for all round development.
13 )Regular visit of schools by PRERNA co-ordinator and admin manager to ensure that classes are held properly and environment is disciplined.
14 )Organization of cultural programmes on independence day, teachers day etc in co-ordination with other clubs and social organizations.
15 )Arranging infrastructure such as seating arrangement ( benches and tables ) through contributions by clubs / concerned indivisuals to create better environment.
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